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Student Elections 2020 2021


Why you should nominate yourself


Being involved with enrichment activities at college can impact your career opportunities when you finish your course at The College. Employers are looking for your grades, but they also want more, they want to know that you got involved with other activities whilst you are studying. BPCSU offer a range of extra-curricular enrichment that you can get involved with to enhance your CV and job prospects.



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Nominate Yourself


How to nominate


Once choosing a role from the Nomination Pack below, you will need to fill out a Manifesto Form by clicking the link above. Create a poster for us so that we can advertise your position and get people to vote. This can be submitted to studentsunion@bpc.ac.uk


You can nominate yourself for more than one position, however you will only be elected for one position. If you would like to nominate yourself for multiple positions, please fill out the form above and select the positions you would like to apply for from the list provided.


Nomination Pack


Nominations opening times


The nomination opening times are:

Monday 19th April @ 9am 2021

 And the deadline is:

Friday 30th April @ 5pm 2021






Voting open on:

3rd May @ 9am 2021

Voting closes on:

Friday 7th May @ 2pm 2021



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