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In order for BPCSU to carry out its business we use other companies for specialist advice and knowledge. BPCSU also have organisations that want to affiliate with us in order to promote their company and to offer special deals for students, who study at The College. This page will outline all of these organisations, what they offer BPCSU for students and the amount that BPCSU pay out in order to access this specialist knowledge.




National Union of Students



The National Union of Students (NUS)

NUS is there National Union of Students and is the National body that campaign to better the student journey. They hold specialist knowledge within the student union business that for fee we can access this. Some of the specialist knowledge we have accessed includes BPCSU constitution update, Specialist training for elected officers and also staff, webinars as well as the National Conference where students are elected much like our elections at college to become the NUS president or Vice Presidents.

NUS Website: https://www.nus.org.uk/







Yellow Buses



Yellow Buses

Yellow Busses have a large number of bus routes around the Poole, Christchurch and Bournemouth area. They provide a reliable service that allow our students to get where they want to go, including college to study. We are delighted that Yellow Busses have decided to affiliate with us and will be attending all of our student events, as well as providing discounts on the bus travel for our students.

Yellow Busses Website: https://www.yellowbuses.co.uk/






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