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BPCSU is yours and everything we work towards, starts as an idea. Whether that’s to get more water fountains, fight for better mental health provision or even improve Our Voice, Our College – it all starts with an idea. If there is something that you are really passionate about and would like to see happen at The College, then submit your idea below.





What’s the Process?









You have an idea! Submit it through the website.





A member of BPCSU will check your idea to ensure it does not breach our Equal Opportunities Policy before it goes live.




Once it has been approved, you will then need to try and persuade at least 30 students to vote ‘yes’ on your idea within 3 weeks.





If you manage this (and we’re sure you can!) you will be invited to work in collaboration with a member of the BPCSU Team, and other interested students, to campaign for your change. More importantly, we are here to support you throughout your campaign; whatever you need, just ask. So don’t wait around any longer.




You have changed something at The College to make things better for current and future students.





We will issue you with a personalised certificate that you can use within your evidence to future employees that shows what skills you have learned during your campaign.








Do You have a Big Idea?




Get like-minded students such as yourself involved and watch as your idea turns into a reality with the help of BPCSU.



Submit Your Idea



Remember to have a look at ideas submitted by other students and be sure to vote on something that you're keen to see happen.




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