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Zach Rumble will be the figure head for the union, deliver a manifesto and make the college better for students. Be a member and have responsibility for working within the Exec Committee and the Our Voice, Our College Committee, ensuring actions are implemented. Being the lead representative for the union and liaise with The College, on matters that affect students. Fully participate in all Union meetings and present reports. Zach will help make sure students time at the College is the best it can be.






Zach Rumble - BPCSU President




Hello everyone, let me introduce myself. I'm Zach Rumble, your next Student President at Bournemouth and Poole College.




I was elected a few weeks ago and I'm very motivated to start working on my goals:





As I was Vice-President of Equality and Welfare last year, I plan to continue working closely with Officers to ensure that every student is heard and respected for their views. Every input is valuable.





Green goals - my predecessor, Gabriel was elected on a green agenda, and I plan to continue his work to making The College more sustainable and environmentally-friendly.





One of the biggest things I wanted to achieve last year was visibility, and while we did well, I want the Students' Union to be even better. I want the student body to be able to recognise their Executive Committee in the hallways, classrooms, canteens etc, and feel that their voices will be heard by them.





I want to create a community experience within The College, engaging students on every level and finding new ways to communicate, and allow students to feel part of BPCSU, even if they have chosen not to be an Ambassador or Executive.






And finally, I wish to maintain all the relationships and legacy we built last year, with staff, SLT, Board Members and students. It's important we continue to work on this so we can support each other and make student life at BPC the best it can be. 



I hope you found this helpful, and I'm looking forward to meeting you in September.



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