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There are currently four roles within the Student Executive Committee, that are classed as senior positions. These positions represent the entire College and they also lead BPCSU through the year.



Who are the Current Senior Executive Officers?




Zach Rumble


BPCSU President






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Mehrdad Mehrrostami


Vice President Opportunities






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Katie Moody


Vice President Advice





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Rimshah Khan


Vice President Student Voice





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What do the Senior Student Executive Roles Involve?



BPCSU President


  • The President is the figure head of The College, they lead the organisation throughout the year and make the tough decisions. They also help other Senior Officer to fulfil their manifestos. The President will also chair many meetings within The College and also BPCSU. 


Vice President Opportunities


  • The Vice President of Opportunities is the lead officer in discussing matters that relate to opportunities for all students. They will campaign for change that will impact you and will meet with The College to discuss better provision for students. They will also look after and mentor Student Officers whose roles are opportunities related.


Vice President Advice


  • The Vice President of Advice is the lead officer that ensures that the interests of all students are represented across the College. They will meet with the College to discuss matters relating to advice given to students and will help to make positive changes at BPC. 


Vice President Student Voice


  • The Vice President of Student Voice is the lead officer that ensures that all students have a voice across the College. They will oversee the Our Voice, Our College systems and make sure that BPCSU work with The College and make the changes appropriately, timely and effectively according to action plans created after Our Voice, Our College bespoke HE events, Focus Groups and any other way BPCSU have gathered student feedback.



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