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The Our Voice section of the website is dedicated to everything that involves your voice or your representation at The College. At BPCSU we believe that students need a voice and the college should listen to the views and opinions of its students. It is important that our students are happy and engaged with their voice and we make it our mission to make sure that the student journey at The College is the best it can be. 




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How does BPCSU represent students?



BPCSU represents students in a variety of ways including electing the Student Executive Committee who are the highest awarding body for the Students' Union. These students are elected by students to represent them, campaign for change and tell The College the views of students and their opinion, please find more information here.


The College also have two Student Governors who sit on the Board of The College. They represent students at these meetings making sure that decisions are not made without your input and views. The Board of Governors is the highest body for The College, and they make large strategic (long term) decisions that affects everyone who studies, works or is involved at The College in some way. Having Student Governors allows you to have your voice and your say. 






Student Voice



Student Voice is a term that is used to define frameworks and ways that we engage with you to tell us what is going well, what is not going well and how we can improve our service at The College. We call our Student Voice Framework at The College, Our Voice, Our College. Our Voice, Our College was designed to give every student their voice and allow them to have an input into everything we do.


BPCSU gather your voice in a variety of ways:

  • Our Voice, Our College Weeks (FE and Sixth Form)
  • Bespoke Our Voice, Our College provision for Higher Education, Apprenticeships, ESOL, Foundation and Access Courses.
  • BPCSU surveys that go out to students throughout the year
  • Our Voice, Our College Focus Groups
  • At the Annual Our Voice, Our College Conference
  • Pop up Student Voice at The Hubs
  • Through the new Big Ideas page
  • Opinion polls
  • Questionnaires
  • In person with a member of the BPCSU Team

To find out more on the different ways, we get your feedback and to find some of the results of Our Voice, Our College please click here






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